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Filter technology

Filter technology


Based on our new developments in the manufacturing and tool technology for filters, Schimmel possess various cutting-edge, fully automated manufacturing processes that replace the manual insertion methods.
They are suitable for medium and large scale production and achieve a high productivity and an excellent quality of the products. Through this, we achieve a superior competitiveness through a production location in Germany, even in the international comparison.

The automated, highly efficient manufacturing processes of Schimmel can normally be used both for the production of metal and plastic filter screens alike, based on their broad suitability for different applications. The determining factor for the selection of the manufacturing process is primarily the planned annual volume and the geometric design of the filter.
The requirements for the specific properties for the solid-liquid filtration of the filter are developed jointly in cooperation with the customer's development engineer. The physical-chemical environmental conditions of the filter to be produced must be taken into account, for example, the temperature, pressure, particle size, chemical resistance, vibration stability, viscosity and other variables that ultimately determine the type and the screen of the filter.

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